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Think About it

"We all learn itthe hard way.

The Creator

We strive to improve the quilty of life, yet neglecting the importance of our actions. Where is the limit?"

An Israeli fugitive borrows money from the Russian Mafia to create a new kind of performance-enhancing drug. He will secretly use his own gym facility as a cover-up for the operation and his best friend as a lab rat.

Gymnasium explores the everyday lives of a “healthy” gym community, managed by self-proclaimed trainers who have no clue of the illegal activity happening in the background. Throughout the show, the group strives to create a prestigious fitness and health facility. Unfortunately, their warped personal views, bizarre encounters, and precarious judgment will lead a myriad of uncomfortable situations that tend to get progressively worse, increasing the risk of exposing or jeopardizing the whole drug operation!

Welcome the team who worked tirelessly to breathe life into this project. Just like the characters in Gymnasium, our award-nominated crew hails from all over the world – for a show that brings both internationalism and diversity to the screen!

The Making Of


Our limitless passion for Gymnasium helped us raise enough funds to produce the pilot and reveal it to the world.