Upon booking, can I place the studio on a soft hold?

Unfortunately, we don’t allow soft holds. Instead, we offer free cancellation up to 72 hours prior to your booking time. If you’d like to secure your spot, you can do so without risks!


Can I bring my own equipment?

Of course, you can! Please note, however, that our COI only covers equipment rented through us.


Can we switch some of the items in your equipment packages?

This mainly depends on what kind of replacements you’re going for. If the items are more or less the same price, a switch should not be a problem!


Can I detach your lights from the grid and use them elsewhere in the studio?

Unfortunately, doing that is against the rules. We do, however, offer the option to rent additional equipment at a premium price. You can find more details on our equipment page!


Can my crew unload the night before our booking to save time?

Sadly, we’ve decided not to allow that. A different production might want to book several late hours the night before your session and would be forced to share the space with your gear.


Can we get a car into the studio?

There is no opportunity to drive a car inside. Yell Cut is located on the second floor and the freight elevator can only fit vehicles as large as a motorcycle.


Will your equipment insurance cover our personal equipment?

No. The COI we offer only covers equipment rented through us.


Can we schedule a showing of the area while the studio is in use?

Invading our client’s privacy would be very unprofessional on our behalf. Showings will only take place while the studio’s free.

Important note: Bookings will overwrite any scheduled showings. To prevent any last minute changes, we recommend that you plan your visit for early mornings or late evenings.


Can we attach a member of our crew to the lighting grid?

On top of what’s already hooked up to it, the grid can hold about an additional 200 pounds (90 Kilograms). The answer is yes, but please be careful!


Can we hang anything on the studio walls?

We ask that our clients leave the studio exactly as they found it. As long as you can meet this requirement, feel free to hang anything on the walls!

Important: If our post-session inspection reveals that any damage has occurred, a $300 fee will be charged – without any additional warnings – directly to the payment method used when booking.


Can Fog Machines and/or Hazers be used in the studio?

Yes, you can use a Fog Machine or a Hazer. As usual, please remember to be careful when handling their liquids.


How much is the price?

What are your main packages? Our studio offers 3 different options:

– Basic – $69/hr (4 hours minimum)

– Premium  – $799 – Full Calendar Day

IMPORTANT: All booking options include insurance coverage for both location and equipment. Please note that you will still be liable for any loss and damage up to $1000.


Are there any discounts available?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any additional discounts.


Can we go over-time? How much would that cost?

You’ll be allowed to go over-time only if no other crew is scheduled to use the studio after you. Our overtime fee is a standard rate of $69/hr.


Do you charge a repainting or cleaning fee?

No, we do not charge a fee for repainting or cleaning the set.

Important: If our post-session inspection reveals that any physical damage has occurred, a $300 fee will be charged – without any additional warnings – directly to the payment method used when booking.


How much would it cost to rent additional equipment and what’s included?

We have 3 different packages, starting at $199 per/day. Check their content out on our equipment page!


Can the Cycloramas be painted into a different color?

Unfortunately, we no longer offer that service.


Are there any additional fees for using the AC or other amenities?

No, we do not charge any additional fees. All you’ll find in the studio is included in the price!



Do you have any stand-alone equipment?

The only stand-alone equipment you’ll find in the studio is our Kino-Flo lighting system, which is rigged to the ceiling and already included in the price.


What kind of lighting (Kino-Flos) included with the studio?

All packages come with:

  • 5 Kino Flo Systems ParaBeam 410
  • 5 Kino Flo Systems ParaBeam 210
  • 5 Kino Flo Systems Image 47



How much power is available in the studio?

We have a total of 100 amps available for production teams, with a 20 amp circuits + 100 amp Cam-Lock.


Can we record clean dialogue?

Regrettably, Yell Cut is located next to Burbank Airport and planes tend to fly by every 15 – 20 minutes. We still hold sound production sessions but highly recommend you stop by for a showing in order to understand if the space fits your vision.  


Do you have a fridge, or tables, Wifi etc.?

  • Wireless Sound System
  • Wireless High-Speed Internet
  • Controlled Air Conditioning
  • Full-Size Fridge
  • Microwave
  • Wireless Laser Printer
  • Furniture – We have seating for approximately 15 people both on folding chairs and common area amenities.


How many parking spots are available?

We have 4 assigned parking spots inside the lot on weekdays, but Keswick Street is free most of the day. Additionally, more public parking might be available on Saturdays and Sundays.

IMPORTANT: You can find both the parking lot and studio layout on our amenities page.


How do I use the freight elevator?

You don’t need any keys or special skills to operate the fright elevator. Just make sure the doors are shut on both floors and hit the button!


Does the grid lower itself?

Unfortunately, the grid doesn’t lower itself. Ladders have been set up and can be used if you need to attach your own lights to the structure.


How much additional weight can the grid hold?

To be on the safe side, consider a maximum of 200 pounds on top of what’s already attached to the gird.

PLEASE NOTE: The lights we have in the studio are rigged up to the ceiling and only to be used for pre-lighting purposes.